Tuesday, 11 March 2008

From Venice to "In the ghetto"

Hi, folks. Many of you know I spent last weekend in Venice. A most lovely town. If you've been there, you know one of the borroughs you can visit is "il ghetto", which is where the Jewish population used to live. Talking to my friends about it, they reminded me of the famous Elvis song "In the ghetto" and its infamous version by El Principe Gitano. Quite a laugh. (Chayo, this is specially for you; as always, your wish is my command)


chayo said...

I hadn't noticed Elvis's pronunciation was so bad!!!!!!!!!

Thank you. A good idea to cheer up students who have problems with pronunciation!!!!

I might even try the karaoke!!!!!

peregar said...

What a cracker Jesu! I think this should become the new Spanish National Anthem. Some of my favourite sentences were: tuqueloqueyú anmí, guedegüelten but specially andejangaiben (it sounds great). You should use this in class. Wonderful stuff! Make pupils sing it.