Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Spain's "Mum" minister takes critics by storm

With thanks to Concha Lana, again, who always supplies me with interesting material. Click here to read the article and print the activities below to do the exercises.

Spain’s “Mum” minister takes critics by storm


As you read the article, match the following vocabulary with the most suitable translation:

1. Take sth / s.o by storm

a) Admisiblemente, por cierto

2. Stand to attention

b) (Mil.) Cuadrarse

3. Hastily

c) A toda prisa

4. Admittedly,

d) Albergar pensamientos machistas

5. Harbour machista thoughts

e) (Mil.) Asaltar / (fig.) Cautivar

6. Aim

f) Apuntar

7. Authoritative

g) Autorizadas, con autoridad

8. Smock

h) Blusón pre-mamá/baby

9. Sneer at

i) Burlarse de

10. Command

j) Comandar

11. Cabinet

k) Consejo de Ministros

12. Convene

l) Convocar

13. Summit

m) Cumbre

14. Fulfil

n) Cumplir

15. They had better …keep them to themselves

o) Es mejor que se los guarden

16. Stopover

p) Escala

17. Stampede

q) Estampida

18. Be delighted with

r) Estar encantado con

19. Affect

s) Fingir

20. Make some criticism

t) Hacer críticas

21. Attempt

u) Intento

22. Derision

v) Irrisión, risa

23. Coupled with

w) Junto con

24. Emergency measures

x) Medidas de emergencia

25. Seamstresses

y) Modistillas

26. Unaffected

z) Natural, sin fingimientos

27. Appoint

aa) Nombrar

28. Peacekeeping operations

bb) Operaciones de paz

29. Review

cc) Pasar revista

30. Chair

dd) Presidir

31. Parched

ee) Secas

32. Loose

ff) Suelto, holgado

33. Radio discussion

gg) Tertulia

34. Panel

hh) Tertulia (grupo de tertulianos)

35. Transfer

ii) Trasbordo

36. Notoriously

jj) Tristemente célebre

Now answer the following questions:

  1. Why is Chacón’s trip controversial?
  2. What do you think of the fact that the cabinet is mostly female?
  3. What’s ABC’s position with respect to Zapatero’s appointments? What do you think about it?
  4. What is Elizabeth Nash’s opinion about the whole thing?

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