Wednesday, 27 February 2008

For all my students

As you know there has been a very important debate between Zapatero and Rajoy. Read about it clicking on this:


Olalla said...

I always find interesting to read BBC articles about Spanish issues (because I think they are the most impartial ones we can find), but I'd like to read (or watch, or whatever) other kind of stuff, something more related to the teenagers, as web-comic in English, reviews of the most famous TV series at the moment (as House MD, lost, CSI, Heroes and more) or interviews in youtube.

So, here there are some links:

Red String: maybe girls will find this comic more interesting than boys. It's a story love about a Japanese girls whose parents arranged her a marriage.

-Simply Potterific: a funny parody about Harry Potter books, they are great!!

-TV series:
Lost: its main and official web in the ABC. Have a look at the connections side and some of the theories.

House md:

So, if anyone visit one the pages, please, tell me what you think about me. There are more interesting links, of course, but those are just for "crazy fans" ^^

jorgegozalo said...


Esperanza Aguirre and her English great level...

Edelweiss said...

I can't stand politicians so I do not have an interesting opinion to discuss on this video; however, have you notice the part of the debate they have chosen to show in the new?