Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Fashion. A Makeover Story

A Makeover Story is a reality show I used to watch -not that I liked it particularly, but I thought it was a good way to learn and revise vocabulary about fashion. Click here to watch an extract and tell me how well you understand it.

Wikipedia says: A Makeover Story is a reality show on TLC Network in the United States. Each episode runs for 30 minutes and features two people who get makeovers including clothes, hairstyling, and makeup.

And these are the questions Na1B made. See if you can answer them:
  • Why does the girl want to buy the clothes?
  • Which of the dresses has a double strap?
  • Why doesn't she like the first dress?
  • How does she feel in the second dress that she tries on?
  • Which of the dresses is described as timeless?
  • What is said about the colour of the third dress?
  • Why doesn't she choose the third dress?
  • How does she feel in the fourth outfit she tries on?
  • What detail is mentioned about the fouth outfit?
To work with the vocabulary from the extract, click here

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