Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Short answers, a doctor's surgery and British classic humour in Nieves's blog

Hey. And this is for the oldies like myself, who enjoy a bit of good old English humour. The first sketch will help you revise short answers and the second one will give you an insight into private medicine (?), all of it according to Monty Python. Don't miss it. Click here to watch it all.


ANA MENA said...

Hola Mª Jesús:

Soy Ana Mena, profesora de la EOI Cartagena. He encontrado tu blog mientras buscaba cosillas para el mio, y me ha gustado mucho. Me gustaría usar material del que tienes publicado y poner enlaces desde mi blog.

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Puedes usar el material que tengo publicado con total libertad.

Un saludo,
Ana Mena

Mª Jesús said...

Well, of course, Ana. Feel free to use anything you like. I'll check your blog out myself. And thanks!

Mª Jesús said...
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